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alief TX's official home on livejournal

alief, tx
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alief is a lower-middle class suburban ghetto of houston. this community is for people who live in alief. growing up here is an experience that ties us all together and one which non-aliefs won't understand.

alief is a multicultural area that was formerly its own city before houston consolidated it. vietnamese, japanese, chinese, korean, filipino, thai, indian, pakistani, persian, arabian, english, irish, scottish, spanish, italian, greek, german, french, russian, mexican, columbian, venezuelan, brazilian, argentinian, nicaraguan, puertorican, panamanian, salvadoran, nigerian, somalian, kenyan people all have made their homes here.

the area between south of briar forest and north of west bellfort, east of addicks clodine and west of beltway 8 is normally considered alief.

alief is comprised of these neighborhoods: bellaire southwest, westwood, leawood, keegans glen, kirkwood country (formerly chessington square), park glen, huntington village, pheasant run village, shadow lake, and many more.

visit http://www.alief.com for alief's history.

talk about what you hate, what you love, current events, future events, memories of things you'll never forget or things that you miss.

please refrain from posting entries that belong in your personal journal (i.e. your everyday business). thanks!

community maintained by digitalusrex . holla at her if you need help or a question answered.