digitalusrex (digitalusrex) wrote in alief_tx,

rich people in alief?

rehash of previous posts: lived in alief all my life up until 2002. i live in the heights now but my family still lives in alief. HV up in hizzle.

i had moved into my first apartment at kirkwood and westheimer when developers started building the royal oaks neighborhood. you know, the gated community with $4 million houses *coff* mansions. geez have you seen that shit?

i told my bf at the time (who was alief by way of fort bend), WTF are they thinking, this is alief.

i love hearing ads for businesses on the radio who say they are in royal oaks. fancy houses and little gates doesn't change the fact that they still live in alief. also doesn't change the fact that the alief sewage treatment plant is in their fucking backyard. hahahahahahahaha. that has to be the most rank treatment plant in all of houston. cept for maybe the one near gessner and 59.

i think the starbucks at royal oaks is the only starbucks in alief. woot woot. never thought i'd see the day to see yuppie shopping strips in alief.

it pisses me off to see so much new building out in alief. there used to be so much open land and now its all this bullshit new construction stucco crap. who are the people buying these houses?
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