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I had no idea there was an Alief community.

I don't know if I know any of yous guys that are on here..but I grew up in Alief...and I have alot of bad memories of Alief and some good ones. It's been about 6-8 years since I moved from the area...ALOT has changed.

I lived down Highstar, right between Mahanay Elm and Elisk. I attended O'Donnell and was picked on alot. I wanna see if any one here is someone I know from those dark days.

I remember hitting up Sunny's on Synott when I was a kid. STREET FIGHTER!!! Use to buy candy there all the time when Sunny was the guy that still owned the place with his wife. Nice couple.

O'Donnell was just finished being built when I was growing up...I was scared to death about getting zoned to Killough.

What use to be Rodeo Square is called something else now...and that use to be an open field next to Elisk AND a Circle D...plus My Hoa use to be HEB, right?

Krogers is still there I see. I remember there was a KMart a long, long, LONG time ago. I'm trying to remember what else was over there, too...

Excerd's? (sp?) I remember right before I moved from there...the 9th grade centers were just finshed or being built. Each neighbor on either side of me was a cop...then they both moved and I had an asian lady on one side and a Pakistani family on the left side (VERY nice family, LOVED THEM, I believe they're still there too. WONDERFUL people) and Alief Middle School still had that giant pencil in the ground. Is it still there?

I remember my computer teacher's name in O'Donnell was Mr. Ramando...and my German teacher was Mr. Beecroft. Pat Rainwater was still principal and we had an overly flamboyant theater teacher for my 7th grade year. Mr. Menn?

Who went to O'Donnell from 96-99?
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