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i'm 21..and i've lived in alief since i was 6. did all my schooling here..been all over alief....i saw alief grow..i remember when kirkwood being two lanes. bissonnet to was pittiful. i remember seeing all those dumbasses fall in the ditch..and i'd laugh.

i played ball in middle i seen all the middle schools...attended BUNKASS kerr, because my folks forced me too..and remember thinking i would burn the motherfucker down. lol. just a joke..don't take it seriously. i remember walking into elsik high..and thinking... DAMN THIS PLACE SMELLS LIKE PUSSY. lol.

i remember when alief wasn't ghetto. i remember when it was empty. when we had a shitload of land. now we have all these damn houses being built..fuckin it all up. everyone from the damn north..coming to our side. i remember first colony mall being built..and everyone thinking it was the shit..that place is full of wannabe gangstas..and wannabe paris hiltons.

i remember the building use to be nice..not any of the 'southwest cholos' or 'lp' or '13' writtin on the corner stores.

i remember when this place was nice. it was the shit to live here. i remember when it was a privelege to live here. when we use to be clean ass motherfuckers..

i love alief. i wouldn't of chosen any other district..but i'll be damned if i raise my kids in this ghetto bitch. lol.

thought i'd say a little something, something. maybe you'll laugh...maybe you won't. but atleast someone new posted..something new. lol.

what do you remember?
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